Skincare re-invented.

Natural supplements with botanical nutrients designed to nourish your beauty from the inside out.


Because it all starts on the inside.


Did you know that the skin is our body’s largest organ?

It is an important shield against billions of tiny microbes and unwanted pathogens. Most importantly, our skin keeps fluids in our body.

Conventional skincare products only stay right where you put them – on the skin's surface.

The urban lifestyles we live, expose our skin to too much stress, smog, UV radiation and countless free radicals. This often leads to an accelerated skin aging process.

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Luckily we can fight back by nourishing our skin from the inside out.

For this reason we formulated her1 Beauty Food - the next generation of superfood supplements. Our all-natural, clean, organic powders are made out of whole foods to promote skin and beauty benefits from within.


What we put in our body matters.
That’s why we are:

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We at her1 stand for absolute transparency. We source our raw materials from selected, qualified and certified organic suppliers in Germany and the EU. All raw materials are of natural origin, made from real fruit, vegetables, plants and whole food. - READ MORE

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We have decided to rethink beauty, skin and body care, because everything begins inside the body. When our body is supplied with sufficient "good" nutrients, we feel better and our skin will look healthier. - READ MORE

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For us, quality means proximity and sustainability, too. We focus on a local value chain in Germany. All her1 partners comply with the highest German and European food and safety guidelines. We add an extra portion of love and care into the production process. - READ MORE


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I can hardly believe it myself, but after 14 days I realize that I have survived my period without a thick pimple. Recently I also get compliments for my radiance and skin glow.
— Friederike Hintze from the blog
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